About us

Link Stadium Seating has developed an enduring position in the seating industry as a reliable supplier of practical and value for money spectator seating solutions.

We have a history of successful product design and development and effective delivery of innovative solutions and rewarding installations for our clients.

Our products and materials are manufactured in ISO 9001 accredited facilities and are backed by extensive warranties and in house and external testing and certification programmes.

Our experience encompasses installations up to and beyond 50,000 seats, applications from the largest outdoor mass seating stadiums to indoor VIP auditoria. Although most of our seats go to permanent installations, we support the Alto demountable range of seating products and have extensive experience in supplying creative solutions for permanent and non-permanent venues from the Middle East to the western seaboard of the USA and from the Scottish Highlands to Australia.

Our Dedicated Team

Our Directors and project managers are entirely focussed on continuing to bring the highest level of expertise and service to our clients. We aim to help our clients select a best value solution by developing complete solutions, acknowledged for quality and cost effectiveness and then deliver them on time and on budget every time. In the challenging world of venue construction, maintenance and refurbishment – that is no mean challenge. It’s what we do.

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